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Full-size feed for broilers from 0 to 14 days (grain).
Designed to grow “farm/home” meat of high quality with maximum efficiency in the conversion of feed and realization of the genetic potential of poultry meat breeds (COBB-500, ROSS-308, Cross SMENA, etc.).
It does not contain coccidiostatic.


*Cost of feed per 1 kg of live weight when growing from 300 heads, in a specialized room – 42.63 rubles.

Feed consumption: 0.48-0.5 kg per period.

Ingredients: Wheat, corn, full-fat soybean, sunflower meal, gluten corn, fish flour, meatmeary flour, vegetable oil, molasses, premix, enzymes

To get carcasses with a killer weight of at least 2 kg it is recommended to grow poultry up to 40-45 days. To obtain meat 1 category, with a killer weight of at least 3 kg is recommended to grow poultry for up to 60 days.

Below is a table of average daily growth, showing the feed consumption rate by age group.


Packing, kg

8, 25, 40

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